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Corporate Commercial Lawyer for Small Business

As a small business owner, you are a jack of all trades. One role you do not need to shoulder alone is the legal department.

Depending on the size, structure, and age of your business, your role may encompass human resources, payroll, customer service, marketing, and everything else. At Western Legal Barristers & Solicitors, our business lawyers are here to advise you on your options and guide you through important transactions, such as establishing a business, raising capital, buying or leasing commercial property, as well as mergers and acquisitions.

We offer our clients highly personalized and cost-effective legal services. We will research your industry and sector, listen to your current business goals, and work with you side-by-side to identify your current and future legal needs. Contact a business lawyer at Western Legal Barristers & Solicitors today by calling or texting (780) 723-3245 or via our online form.

We Are a Corporate Commercial Law Firm Providing Dynamic Services

Western Legal Barristers and Solicitors is a full-service law firm that is available to help you with every type of business transaction or dispute. We are highly experienced in helping new businesses get off the ground. We can advise you on business structures, share structures, corporate reorganizations, asset purchases and sales, and commercial real estate transactions. If you are interested in forming a startup in Yellowhead County, including Edson, Hinton, Whitecourt, Mayerthorpe, Evansburg, or the surrounding area, call us right away.

As an established business, we can help you grow with additional financials, refinancing, sales and purchases. We can also represent and protect you during employment and contract disputes. Additionally, we are here to help when it is time for you to retire or move on to new ventures. We have experience in the sale or dissolution of a business and in representing partners and shareholders exiting from a business.

Corporate Structure

Choosing the best corporate structure for your business is an important, yet difficult choice. If this is a new business or the first time you are forming a separate business entity, then you should speak with a business lawyer about your options.

What is the Difference Between a Partnership and Corporation?
You need to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of forming a partnership versus incorporation. A corporation is a formal legal entity you must register. Forming a corporation can be complicated, yet it may have important financial and liability protections for you and other owners. A partnership is a less formal business arrangement, yet you and your partner(s) can form a unique agreement that works best for you without being forced to adhere to rigid corporate formalities.

How Do I Structure Shares for a Corporation?
If you and your other business partners choose to incorporate, speak with your lawyer about the types of share classes in Alberta and how you can structure shares. You may have common shares that are voting or non-voting shares. You may also have preferred shares, which have additional rights attached to them. Preferred shareholders may have the right to receive dividends, to convert preferred shares to common shares in a particular situation, or to have their shares redeemed in certain circumstances. Shareholders of common and preferred shares have certain rights, like voting at shareholding meetings. The shares you choose to have and the rights of any preferred shares must be outlined in your articles of incorporation, which your business lawyer will draft.

Our lawyers are here to help you through:

  • Choosing a business structure
  • Drafting a unanimous shareholders agreement
  • Registering a corporation
  • Restructuring an existing business
  • Changes in ownership/share transfers
  • Selling/purchasing commercial assets
  • Corporate name changes
  • Corporate guarantees
  • Adhering to corporate formalities
  • Filing annual corporate returns
  • Dissolving a partnership or corporation

Corporate Financing and Refinancing

You may need to obtain capital when you are forming a new business, expanding your business, purchasing or leasing commercial real estate, or experiencing financial troubles.

Corporate financing and refinancing are often complicated and highly regulated. Tackling the financing process without experienced legal representation increases your risk of obtaining poor loan terms, violating a financing regulation or terms your existing contracts, and diluting your ownership stake too much.

When Would I Need to Refinance my Business?
As a business, you may need to refinance one or more loans when you experience financial distress or market conditions improve. Refinancing can put you in a better position with better rates and consolidation of debt.

However, if you are facing financial difficulties, contact us right away. As a corporate commercial law firm, we will thoroughly review your circumstances and guide you through a refinancing effort, which can put your business on solid ground and help meet your obligations. If your business is not distressed, we can also represent you in refinancing efforts to take advantage of lower business rates or a rise in your credit rating.

Questions about Corporate Commercial Law?

It is natural to be unsure of whether you need a lawyer. The best way to find out if we can help is to speak with one of our experienced and skilled business lawyers. We serve cities throughout Yellowhead County, including Edson, Hinton, Whitecourt, Evansburg, and Mayerthorpe. We are happy to sit down with you and your fellow founders, partners, or shareholders at a time and place most convenient to you.

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Corporate Agreements

We are prepared to help you draft, negotiate, and finalize all types of business contracts and agreements, including:

  • Partnership agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Unanimous shareholder agreements (USAs)
  • Sub Contractor agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Purchase and sales agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Non-solicitation agreements
  • Non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements

Most businesses cannot successfully function and expand without forming legally enforceable agreements with other businesses and individuals, from executives and employees to vendors and customers. At Western Legal Barristers & Solicitors, we are well-versed and experienced in contract law, including in consumer protections and regulations regarding the sales of goods.

Corporate Sales, Purchases, and Leasing

As a business owner, there will come times when you face significant business transactions, such as a large sale of assets, the sale of the whole business, sizeable purchases, and commercial leasing as a landlord or tenant.

Our business lawyers are prepared to help you during all types of corporate transactions. We understand the complexity and nuances of sales and purchase agreements. We are here to protect your interests and help you get the most from a transaction.

We are here to investigate a potential transaction before you move forward, enabling us to identify the advantages and risks of a sale, purchase, or lease. Once you are fully aware of the risks, we can proceed and negotiate for the best possible factors for your business, including the representations and warranties that best mitigate your risk and protect your future finances.

As experienced corporate lawyers, we can represent you in all types of business transactions, including:

  • Share purchases or sales
  • Asset purchases or sales
  • Draft, review, and negotiate purchase offers
  • Due diligence
  • Commercial Leases

Why You Need a Business Lawyer

As a business person in Yellowhead County or the surrounding area, the thought of hiring a lawyer for your business can be intimidating.

You may wonder whether the cost of an outside lawyer is worth it. At Western Legal Barristers & Solicitors, we can assure you that our knowledge of business law and contract law can be invaluable to you. Our goal is to always provide cost-effective and highly valuable legal services to our business clients. We want to guide you through the relevant transaction or dispute and obtain the best possible outcome for your business.

Objective Analysis & Advice
One of the greatest benefits of a lawyer is an objective appraisal of your situation. Whether you are interested in starting a business, are facing an internal issue, or are in the midst of a dispute with another party, a lawyer at Western Legal Barristers & Solicitors will conduct an in-depth review of your circumstances and advise you of your rights under the law and any relevant contracts. Once you are fully aware of your rights, your lawyer can explain your legal options and the associated risks. Without a lawyer, you may not have all of the information you need to make the best decision for yourself and your business.

Risk Mitigation
A lawyer is here to help with the technicalities and legalese. You and another party, whether it is an individual or other business, may know the type of relationship you want to have. You may know most of the terms. That relationship needs to be clearly described on paper to ensure it is legally enforceable. Without addressing these formalities, you place your business at risk for costly misunderstandings in the future.

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