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Other Legal Services: Notary & Court Agent

Your legal needs aren’t limited to a small number of practice areas, so Western Legal Barristers & Solicitors doesn’t limit our legal services.

We provide a wide range of advice to clients who have broad needs. We can serve as a notary public, court agent, signing agent, commissioner for oaths, and more. At Western Legal Barristers & Solicitors, we provide practical legal services to our clients as if they were our friends and family.

We want to give you the information you need to make knowledgeable decisions about your life. Call or text our skilled staff at Western Legal Barristers & Solicitors today at (780) 723-3245, or contact us via our online form to schedule a consultation of your case.

Court Agent Services

If you need a court agent, Western Legal Barristers & Solicitors can serve as your representative. Court agents often represent those who have been charged with minor crimes or who have traffic tickets. Instead of making a long trip outside of your home area, our court agent can attend for you.

Notary Public Services

If you need a notary public to assist you with affidavits or statutory declarations on documents, we can help. Our notary public lawyer and staff at Western Legal Barristers & Solicitors can draft documents and notarize them for you as well. If you require a personal guarantee, you may need more than a notarization; however, we are a full-service notary public law firm serving west-central Alberta, including Hinton, Ansell, Edson, and more. Contact us for more information about our notary public services.

Corporate Guarantees

When a party decides to take on the responsibilities of another through a corporate guarantee, an Edson lawyer can help guide you through the process. Taking on financial responsibilities can be a difficult decision, but the process doesn’t have to be hard. Call Western Legal Barristers & Solicitors today.

Commissioner for Oaths

A commissioner for oaths can assist you with swearing affidavits or statutory declarations on official documents. Our staff can also draft necessary documents for you in preparation of your oath. If you need a commissioner of oath services throughout Alberta, Western Legal Barristers & Solicitors can help.

Signing Agent Services

If you need to sign documents in a foreign jurisdiction or outside of your residential geographic area, our signing agent can help. You may execute, or sign, any necessary documents at a location that is convenient. We will then obtain proper identification and make sure your documents are transmitted to the appropriate parties. Our signing agent lawyer can provide you with diverse signing agent services throughout Alberta and other areas.

Travel Forms

We can also help with developing and executing personal travel forms. These documents may be necessary when traveling internationally or when children are traveling abroad. For children, they must be signed by anyone who has legal rights to make decisions for the child, but is not traveling with them. Anyone with custody rights, guardianship rights, or parental authority may be required to sign child travel forms. Adults may need documents with health directives and other information when traveling far from home.

An Alberta Lawyer Can Assist You with An Array of Services

Western Legal Barristers & Solicitors is here if you need legal services or other official representation in Alberta, including Edson, Hinton, Whitecourt, Mayerthorpe, Evansburg, and other cities throughout Yellowhead County. We can assist you with agent services in addition to legal document drafting. Call or text us today at (780) 723-3245, or contact us via our online form to find out how we can meet your specific needs.

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